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WePlay at Work offers customizable music programs for companies in the Orange County and Los Angeles area. We provide long term employee benefits by improving work-life balance, creativity, and productivity at work. 


Music activities in the workplace positively impact employees' wellbeing, lessen their stress levels and build a strong team bond.


From team-building events to performances for corporate events to individual lessons for employees, WePlay at Work offers a musical service catered to your company's specific goals.



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Playing a musical instrument increases productivity and 



Companies that implemented music programs have significantly increased their employee retention and engagement


Music helps reduce job burnout,

improves overall mood, and fosters a general sense of well-being

team building

Music enhanced employee

engagement, and increased 

teamwork and leadership skills

Sarah Soboh


Sarah, a pharmacist, is learning to play the piano. She looks forward to her days behind the counter because it means she gets to mix creative music sessions into her day. Not only is Sarah happier — her work performance has greatly improved.

Konstantin Kazarian

Biopharma Professional

Long before becoming an executive in a biotech company, during college and grad school years, Konstantin used to sing in a band. He now can jam with his colleagues in their onsite music room. His favorite part? Playing music at work helps him relax, relieve stress and make better business decisions.

Simara Sousa

Human Resources

Simara always wanted to learn guitar as a kid, but his family couldn't afford it. Now, even with her busy work life in a large corporation, she gets the chance to enjoy music. Not only is music a stress reliever for Simara, but her performance at work has also strengthened.

how music impacts employees 


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