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Voice Lessons

Our Voice is the universal musical instrument we have all been given from birth. Since the beginning of time, our ancestors have been singing. Therefore, the desire to sing is encoded in us. Singing is as natural as laughter, and it is the oldest and most natural way to express ourselves through music.

The benefits which come with singing are countless. Singing enhances our mental and emotional wellbeing. It also adds color to our life experiences. Besides all the advantages coming with learning any musical instrument, singing develops the lungs, improves diction, posture, and presentation skills, increases confidence, and self-esteem.


Voice Lessons
for kids and adults

At WePlay Music, we offer step-by-step vocal instruction that suits students – from absolute beginner to advanced. As every voice is unique, our skilled and passionate vocal teachers are prepared to meet each student’s specific needs, in order to build the right foundation, including posture, breathing, intonation, and diction. Students are guided on how to develop the appropriate vocal technique to protect their voice, widen their vocal range, and approach any other vocal difficulties they might encounter. Students will receive well-rounded music knowledge and be introduced to different styles of singing, including Opera, Musical theater, Jazz, Pop, Rock, and R & B.

Students Age


Kids 6+ years old

Lesson Duration

30 min I 45 min I 60 min

Lesson Type

Individual Lessons

Group Classes

Exams & Certificates



Certificate of Merit

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