August 19, Wednesday

Songwriting Basics

with Mr. Nate

4:00 pm

Learn the basics of songwriting, including melodic motif, song structure, and writing melodies.

Suitable for: 6+ years 

Mr. Nate

Guitar Teacher

August 29, Saturday

Music Listening

with Ms. Melody

3:00 pm

Explore different techniques and good habits that will improve and make you a better music listener.​

Suitable for: 6+ years / All instruments

Ms. Melody

Piano Teacher

September 5, Saturday

Beginner Improvisation

with Mr. Joseph

12:30 pm

​Learn the basics of improvisation so that you can take your instrument and create music on the spot.​


Suitable for: Violin Students

Mr. Joseph

Violin Teacher

September 9, Wednesday

Creativity in Sounds and Rhythm with Mr. Greg

5:00 pm

Listen to and understand the different techniques that composers use to tell a story in their music.

Suitable for: 6+ years 

Mr. Greg

Drum Teacher

September 19, Saturday

Memory Booster

with Mr. Resli

3:00 pm

Learn about different types of memory and some tips and tricks you can use to boost your memorizing speed.

Suitable for: 6+ years / All instruments

Mr. Resli

Piano Teacher

September 26, Saturday

Woodwind Workshop

with Mr. Jason

12:30 pm

Learn about the different things you need to be aware of to become a more successful woodwind player.


Suitable for: Woodwind Students

Mr. Jason

Woodwind Teacher

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